Sassy. It's the apt nickname of Cassandra Ardoin, a psychologist, and musician, whose ongoing introspection has – at age 64 – allowed her to give new meaning to her lifelong name.


Sassy is a respected 64-year old occupational psychologist. She’s also an accomplished rock and blues musician, with a black belt to boot. Sassy has never followed “the rules”. She became a wealthy high society wife during her 18-year second marriage to a successful, but ill-matched lawyer. However, we’ll learn that Sassy is more accurately defined by her music, her friendships, her calling as a therapist from celebrities to maximum-security criminals, and ultimately as a mother. 

Sassy was 42 when her first child was born, adopted her second child at age 50, and endured an acrimonious divorce from her husband two years later. Newly invigorated as a single mother, she earned a black belt in Tae-kwon-do the following year, and embarked on a decade-long love affair with a man 13-years her junior.    

We meet Sassy just one year after that relationship ended as she is evaluating the next steps of her life. As one of nine siblings born into a tight-knit Louisiana Cajun family, she is prepared for whatever comes her way. Through Sassy’s grit, good humor and unique perspective we learn that now – whatever your age – is the perfect time to live the life you’ve imagined. 


  • Amy Scatliff
    Executive Producer
    Along with Sassy, Amy has co-produced short films, such as Father, Son and Holy Moses. She is an educational researcher, artist and faculty at Nossi College of Art.
  • Mike Cahak
    Mike is Emmy winning Producer/Director whose work has appeared on the major TV networks, in home entertainment distribution, on digital platforms and at special events.
  • Bill Middleton
    Director of Photography
    Bill is a Nashville based director of films such as Derby Madness and Way of the Ladder



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